LETTER TO THE EDITOR: A bunch of charlatans

I THOUGHT I had seen it all with Labour.

False anti-semitism, smears on decent members etc etc.

But no, they think we have forgotten their cover-up of councillors during the child sexual exploitation scandal.

The vacuous Sarah Champion has now backed Dominic Beck for a seat at the banquet. The man who was forced to make way after the report on CSE was published.

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Then the so-called sexual exploitation tsar Ms Champion was nominated by the Tories to carry out the cleansing operation.

It looks as though Champion when it comes to forgive and forget the past is indeed a Champion of rehabilitation of offenders.

Add Healey’s contempt for the NHS  and his fighting for more money for war in Ukraine at the expense of his constituency out and you see a vicious Labour Party endeavouring to out Tory the Tories.

What a bunch of charlatans.

Cheerleaders for  the privatisation of the NHS, kicking Jewish members out for being anti-semitic, supporting the expulsion of one of the most decent human beings you could meet in Mr Ken Loach, well it’s not the Labour Party I knew.

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I think it’s about time Champion and Healey put their expenses claims away, handed their ill-gotten gains to the people of Rotherham, packed their bags and joined their spiritual leader Margaret Thatcher on the wall of shame in the Tory party.

You can’t fool all of the people all of the time and it’s about time the crooks in charge of Rotherham Labour realised it.

Tom Darksen, Rotherham