Letter: Time to reclaim our country

THERE is one message which may convince voters to leave the EU and it comes from our past history.

People need to be reminded of where our democracy came from and why we have a parliament at all.

Our English Civil War which started in 1642 and ended in 1651 was fought for the rights of our people to rule over their own destiny, as Oliver Cromwell would have said: “Did we cut off a kings head to achieve our democracy, only to give it away?” Would the USA give away their bill of civil rights that so many died for? ( ask Mr Obama).

We heard David Cameron the other day giving a speech to remain in the EU, he made a comment that I could not understand. He said that “every time we turned our backs on Europe we came to regret it.” When ever have we turned our backs on Europe? We have been the one nation that can proudly say we stood up for Europe in their hour of need and saved them from the rule and oppression of the Germans. Looks like we are back to square one on that account. Do they want us to stay in Europe to once again save them from German dominance? I say three times is far too many, they will drag us all down when eventually the grand EU plan implodes.

Did we fight to save Europe from oppression in two world wars just to be now governed by it?

Our destiny has always been with the rest of the world, that’s how we built the Empire and gave the rest of the world the industrial revolution. We owe it to our ancestors to take back control of our destiny, even though it could turn out to be a rocky road for a while, our nation still has the strength and determination to succeed no matter what we encounter.

Mr Cameron also stated that we as a country added stability to Europe and without us there was a possibility of hostilities between countries breaking out. What utter rubbish is this man preaching, how desperate is he and his associates to scare us into thinking that by us leaving the EU could lead to a third world war? The real fact is that should we vote to leave then Cameron and the pampered civil servants would have to get off their fat backsides and do some real work in the leave negotiations.

The scare tactics of the Remain campaign regarding our economic downfall just don’t have any substance at all, the EU countries could not refuse to trade with us, as the Germans, the French and the Italians would lose billions of euros. No one has yet mentioned our valuable North Sea fishing grounds that we have been obliged to open up to the French and Spanish fishing fleets to plunder our stocks under EU rules. All that would stop if they decided to cut off trade deals with us, and so putting their fishing fleets out of business. Make no mistake there should be no fear for us regarding the economic outcome, it could prove to be in our favour.

The Remains keep on talking about staying in a ‘reformed EU’ but that cannot happen, we are one voice in 28, with the majority taking more out than they put in, so they do not want anything to change, and our contribution can only increase as more poor countries such as Turkey, Albania, Serbia and Macedonia are set to join.

The migration issue is only going to get worse, with no sign of any stability in the middle east and Africa starting to empty into Europe. The powers in Europe have no answer to the problem, the commission is totally incapable of making any meaningful decisions whenever a crisis occurs.

Do we really want to be a part of this mindless madness that the EU has become, incapable of resolving any of its problems, or should we take this once in a lifetime opportunity and opt out while we still can?

Do we want to become a nation over ruled by the votes of 27 other nations or do we want to determine our own future. That’s what will set the course of this nation for the future and it’s down to us to claim our country back.

William C, Rotherham