LETTER: Time to look after our planet

RE the claim that bin men leave litter on the road, I wonder if it’s because of the way people recycle paper etc.

Our bin men are friendly and efficient, rarely leaving litter on the road and carry on regardless of the weather.

I rarely use black bags, using instead bread bags, used freezer bags, potato bags etc for the unrecycleable rubbish, tied securely.

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Small pieces of paper from tin cans, till receipts etc are put into cereal boxes and the like, then into the blue bag on collection day.

If you have a garden, make a compost heap for anything that is not allowed in the green bin.

All my used postage stamps are sent to a horse charity.

I can remember posters on public transport asking people to take their rubbish home. I wonder sometimes what their homes are like, with what some people are like.

I wonder if it is time people were fined for littering. I often pass the flats on Doncaster Road — single person flats facing Doncaster Road. These people need fining, even if they are on benefits. It’s rubbish they leave out — old clothes, lumps of wood, tin cans, takeaway dishes etc, and expecting the corporation to move it and the bin men to heave the overflowing bins up on to the path. Blue boxes and a green bin have been provided for them, but they don’t use them. There are ample black bags for them too. The bin men are not road sweepers.

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I’m pleased the council has finally had the sense to collect large plastic even if we have to pay extra for the service.

The world, earth and sea alike is gradually being poisoned by it, killing animals, birds and fish, and eventually us.

I always say interfere with nature and she slaps you in the face, so people should remember to clean the environment for the sake of our future generations and all animal life.

Resident of Clifton

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