LETTER: Time to find out how material can be re-used

I HAVE noted over the last few weeks the letters in your newspaper from other readers about the reluctance of Rotherham MBC to do kerbside collections of plastic waste (these collections have now been agreed).

Are the council aware of these two serious incidents 1) At Sterecycle, Templeborough and 2) At Wharfe Road, Kilnhurst, where explosions occurred and the fire service had to attend?

In view of this I would expect some clever person to find out how this material could be re-used for other purposes and at the same time make it harmless and safe.

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I think it could be made, strengthened and fireproofed to be used, in huge quantities, by the building industry for the creation of affordable housing to help our younger generation get a foot on the property ladder, for things such as roofing, flooring, walls, skirting boards, trusses etc.

Come on Rotherham, we have had innovations in industry before!

Don’t forget to tell the Chinese where to stuff their plastic (i.e. where the sun don’t shine!!).

John Rogers, Wickersley