LETTER: They will steal democracy if uou let them

FORGET whether leave or remain was your choice when we were asked this ‘once in a lifetime’ question some three plus years ago.

The question now is ‘am I willing to allow our elected parliamentarians to steal democracy from me’?

Look at our local politicians, they have all ignored the will of the local electorate. They have given the most fantastic excuses for not doing what the people of this area and country voted for.

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If they (all politicians) see that they can ignore voters choice, string it out for a few years and get away with it, then what next?

What will be the point of ever voting again?

We need to reflect on their actions to date, look at the big picture and give them the payback they duly deserve.

In or out is a minor decision compared to allowing these self made demi-gods to steal hard won democracy.

Let them know that there is a very hard price to pay for ignoring the will of the people.

If you don’t, then expect more of the same.....

John Wilkinson, Laughton en le Morthern

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