LETTER: The worst job in the world?

SINCE 2010, the worst job in the world has been a Conservative Member of Parliament representing Yorkshire.

These poor souls have had no say in the spending of billions upon billions of pounds around the UK. They have never spoken in parliament for any financial help for Yorkshire, knowing that they would be shouted down.

Their first-class journey to London and back weekly was a waste of time. Just think, they could have stopped at home and got a job as a crossing warden or in an old folk’s home — jobs worth doing, important jobs.

Yorkshire would be no worse off than it is now if this had been done. Perhaps Conservative MPs representing Yorkshire see all that is being spent in the south and can see that there’s nowt left for anyone else.

People are up in arms about railways, roads, prices going up, closures of facilities for people with learning disabilities and transport being cancelled. All these things mentioned in front of a Tory Prime Minister would not go down well.

Yes, Conservative Yorkshire MPs have to tread lightly and not upset the status quo. You see, if Yorkshire ever got owt from the Government, Yorkshire MPs would have to kowtow to Theresa May.

Every penny has been spent on the south since 2010 and most probably will for years to come — it’s Tory policy.

It’s really no good blaming Grayling, Cameron, Clegg, Osborne or May, it’s the Tory Party programme. Nowt for Yorkshire never.

Richard Billups, East Avenue, Rawmarsh