LETTER: The Sun casts a very dark shadow

THE day the Sun paper was launched I was working in Chesterfield.

If you bought a paper and took it to a pub with Sun in its name you got a free pint. In Chesterfield there was and maybe still is a Sun Inn pub, and three old pence for a paper and a pint sounds good yet none of the people I was working with bought one.

I’ve never bought a Sun paper as I’ve always classed it more of a comic than a newspaper. It always seems to rely on gimmicks rather than news.

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It has never had real journalists and you can not rely on it for real facts. You can not rely on it for real facts.

You see it left on trains, buses, on park benches.

It’s as though it’s been thrown together by school kids at a nursery.

I don’t know what the 2017 price is for it but if it’s more than one new penny it’s daylight robbery.

I remember Elton John was slandered in the Sun when it said he had rottweillers guarding him when he didn’t own rottweillers. The then editor was Kelvin MacKenzie, who has never learned. He recently wrote racist things about an Everton footballer.

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When somebody at the Sun is calling a talented young footballer an ape it just shows why one new pence and a free pint of beer still makes the Sun very expensive.

I feel sorry for anyone who has to handle it, it’s like kangaroo s***.

Richard Billups, Rawmarsh