LETTER: The natural world doesn’t wait

SO now we’ve heard all the Big Four’s speeches and manifestos, and what do we have?

Nothing about combating global warming.

Nothing on climate change, except a one sentence aside from the Lib Dems.

Nothing about life killing ocean pollution.

Nothing about rising ocean levels or forest destruction.

Nothing on overpopulation.

Nothing but the same schoolyard wrangles between Johnson, Corbyn and Farage about Brexit, and from all four about tinkering with the economy once it’s over.

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All four Neros fiddling away their versions of the same tune while the planet burns, and the natural world can wait its turn.

But natural world doesn’t wait.

The climate keeps changing, the seas keep on rising, the sea and atmosphere gets ever more polluted, and the only effect Brexit will have on our ever less habitable world is that, if we leave the EU, the US trade organisations and the giant global multinationals will make damned sure that, in any trading deals we try to make, nothing we do to protect our present health and food standards, or attempt to combat climate change, will reduce their expected profits.

In the seventies there was a film going around entitled Soylent Green.

It was about life on a dying world.

It was supposed to be a fantasy, or maybe a warning.

I wonder how long it will take before our present main parties make it a reality.

Charles David Foulstone, Rotherham Green Party

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