LETTER: The hypocrisy speaks volumes

THE dust has settled after the general election and two things were confirmed; Theresa May is not fit to lead the country and Labour must not regain power this century.

Your correspondents Messrs Billups and Dewick are typical of the same old envy politics spewing out inaccuracies at every opportunity.

Only Labour could try to make political gain from the fire at Grenfell Tower. We had TV reporters prompting the usual experts that were wheeled out to say that Tory cuts caused the fire even though it was not case. I would remind Mr Dewick that Labour voted against putting sprinkler systems into tower blocks; but since when did a Labour supporter let facts get in the way?

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No sooner had the fire died down than Labour had the streets full of “rent-a-thugs” demanding that the democratically elected government be forced out of office.

We had Labour crying foul over the Tory plan to link with the DUP (something Labour had tried on several occasions) and lo and behold Comrade Jezza persuaded the IRA, oops, Sin Fein MPs to drop their anti-British stance and fly to London and take up their seats in Parliament so they could form a partnership; hypocrisy doesn’t come close.

Theresa May has always been the Remain camp’s Trojan Horse but she has been found out and I expect her to go sooner rather than later. My money is on Graham Brady. He has charisma, loves Britain and would tell the EU what to do with their ludicrous demands.

Labour gained votes by promising lots of free stuff to the feckless for which those prepared to get off their backsides would have to pay.

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A youth was asked by a TV reporter why he’d voted for Labour and his staggering reply summed up the feckless vote. He said: “If someone’s got more money than me he should give it to me.” That one sentence speaks volumes.

Clive Phillips, address withheld