LETTER: The dregs come first

SOME more interesting letters this week.

I fully agree with Ray Darby. He may no longer live in Rotherham but he obviously still has affection for what’s left of the town.

Mr Billups is proof that wisdom does not necessarily come with age. If we had an elected House of Lords in no time it would be even more loaded with cronies than the current one. The old HoL worked. It was made up of hereditary peers who actually cared about the country and weren’t controlled by the whips and yes, he is lucky to live in a democracy; although his hero Comrade Jezza and his henchmen hate the word.

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Ged Dempsey makes good points but generally misses most. The NHS isn’t underfunded, it is over used. The influx of the dregs of the world’s gutters recruited by traitors Blair & Brown, the EU’s open boarders and NHS tourists are the drain on NHS funds.

Even the Guardian (that well known left wing comic) admits that British manufacturing is at his highest in decades so, wrong again. Universal Credit is a disaster, I agree that homelessness should be reduced and it could be dramatically so if we weren’t giving free houses to the aforementioned dregs of the world’s gutters before anyone else. There are veterans on the streets and yet there’s talk of giving returning IS terrorists free houses! I’ve mentioned The Kalergi Plan before and here’s yet more evidence of not only its existence but its implementation. If, God forbid, Corbyn gains power then we’d all better get ready for bankruptcy, well, apart from the feckless of course.

As to the ongoing waste collection discussion, yes it is yet another tax and soon even more will be implemented. I fully expect charges if we take our own waste to the tip, waste in our bins to be charged by weight and pretty soon I fully expect the current shower to bring in a “pedestrian charge” for daring to shop in town.

M Harris is correct, driving standards are getting worse. Drivers now seem to think that the red circular signs showing red numbers on a white background are minimum speed limits. To see some real idiots, visit the Tesco car park in the Jeremy Kyle Holding Pen. I wonder how long it will be before a child walks into the path of a car being driven by some idiot at a high rate of knots.

I’ve often said that people should take an IQ test before being allowed to drive, vote or breed and modern life continually gives evidence in support of that view.

Clive Phillips, address withheld