LETTER: The Big ‘C’ Crises

MY name is Kirk and I am in Rotherham as an amateur poet. I thought you may be interested in a poem I wrote concerning the recent Kentucky Fried Chicken crisis.

The Big ‘C’ Crises

An epidemic of high proportions is sweeping across the nation

Chicken restaurants have closed doors, no one’s at their frying station

If you want chicken that is fried I’d advise you of hesitation

And don’t make Kentucky your port of call choose a different destination

Don’t be upset with Colonel Sanders with his limited creation

Just because you can't get your fix of chicken spiced sensation

I know that you’re not happy but it’s not worth all the frustration

It doesn’t make much difference with no chicken designation

Okay I can understand the disappointment that you may feel

When you can’t obtain a Bargain Bucket or a Zinger Meal

With chicken stuck in warehouses due to DHL’s stuck wheel

But the lack of chicken delivery is really no big deal

What’s the point in calling the cops, come on folks get real

What do you expect them to do go on a chicken steel

They’re meant to be the boys in blue it’s not for them to heal

The restaurants will be open soon there’s no need for you to keel

I don’t know why you’re so upset with the closer of KFC

With restaurants closing in the UK and across the whole country

They’re only shut a few days so there's no need for your plea

Fried chicken will be back soon at least to a degree

The lack of chicken shouldn’t ruin your night why don’t you let it be

There are other places you can eat so it doesn’t bother me

The fryers will be fired up again just you wait and see

So there is no reason for this outcry I hope you will agree

Why are people driving miles just for the taste of a finger licking?

There’s more to life than spicy wings or pieces of fried chicken

Don’t waste time on closed chicken shops your launch times are just ticking

Give Pizza Hut or Macdonald’s a chance, there’s more restaurants for the picking

People trying to charge large amounts with Bargain Bucket tricking

Don’t try and rip people off with fried chicken Ebay clicking

Isn’t there more to worry about than Kentucky chicken sticking?

Don’t be a silly Turkey or Bernard Matthews will come back kicking

Kirk, Rotherham


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