LETTER: Spreading the message of a one Yorkshire deal

OVER the last few weeks, I have been delighted to see and hear the discussions around devolution to the Yorkshire region.

This is something the Yorkshire Party has been fighting for since its creation.

We at the Yorkshire Party welcome the debate, but still think it should go further by having a regional assembly or parliament.

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In Yorkshire, we are proud, friendly, supportive, diverse and hardworking. We are asking for what we deserve, what other regions have and what is fair. Modern politics in the UK seems to focus only on London, the South East and only occasionally on the North. With a Yorkshire Assembly/Parliament, we will have the flexibility to act on issues that are needed locally: road infrastructure projects, rail projects and tackling school short financial coming.

We, the people of Yorkshire, will have the ability to vote for representatives that can deal  with these issues and prioritise the most important issues to help Yorkshire to prosper.

Seeing that Doncaster and Barnsley councils are seeking a vote to allow their constituents a say on these matters is exhilarating. This means that the people will have their voice heard and we can work hard to overcome future obstacles. Unfortunately, the Sheffield and Rotherham councils are not taking the same approach, instead trying to only get the best deal for their councillors, rather that the people of Sheffield, Rotherham and Yorkshire.

As the Yorkshire Party’s candidate for Don Valley in the recent General Election, I was delighted to see the response that the party and I received. We wish to continue our growth and the spread of our message for a one Yorkshire deal. That gives us control of our future as part of the UK. Proud strong regions will only make the UK as a whole stronger. There are not many as proud as Yorkshire folk.

Take a moment to pledge your support for a one Yorkshire deal at:


Stevie Manion, Yorkshire Party Don Valley candidate