LETTER: Sarah’s lofty ideals diluted

FURTHER to Donald Buxton’s contribution to the letters pages in the October 27 edition of the Advertiser in which he bemoaned the lack of courage exhibited by the political elite in the local Labour Party with regard to their failure to seek the removal of the MBE conferred on Roger Stone for “services to local government”.

Whilst I, like him, am not surprised at him having received no response from those he, quite reasonably, refers to as “Same old Laybah, see nowt, do nowt, say nowt, and it’ll all blow over”, I am surprised that Sarah Champion has now become so closely identified with that clique bearing in mind her previous role, prior to her being selected as Labour candidate for Rotherham, to replace the previous incumbent, disgraced former MP Denis McShane, was as chief executive of Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice.

Much was made of this role prior to her election, presumably to emphasis her humanitarian credentials and her interest in child welfare. Whilst that may have formed part of her personality at that time, her current failure to ensure, in as many ways as possible, that the many children whose lives were torn apart by the child grooming scandal that swamped so many in Rotherham achieve retribution against those who so patently failed them would suggest that political expediency has diluted her previous lofty ideals.

Assuming of course that they did exist at that time and were not just a means to an end.

K Dutton, Newman Road, Rotherham