Letter: Repeat, repeat, repeat

IT’S become an annual event that every TV station for three months before Christmas advertises that their station’s Christmas TV should not be missed.

In future they should just put the adverts on and save themselves the embarrassment of being accused of fraud. Some TV companies have started selling repeats as Christmas presents, yes stuff you have seen you can fork out for.

Ninety per cent-plus television now is repeats. TV is becoming the dearest form of entertainment. It’s a good job it’s in a box and should be easy to bury in the garden as that’s about all it’s good for in its present form. TV stations would do themselves a favour if they just treat Christmas or any other festival as they treat the rest of the year and drop this over the top promotion, it’s wearing thin.

Myself this Christmas was pleasantly surprised to receive two special gifts that I’ve always yearned for. One was a train set and the other was a post office game. I have not played them yet as they are on strike. Still they’ll last longer in the box. Rumour has it they are going to bring back “Boys from the Black Stuff” and Nigel Farage is playing “Gizza Job”.

Richard Billups, Rawmarsh

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