Letter: Remain vote is ‘project fear’

AFTER reading about our local university rejoicing, and saying what a good thing the EU is because they have been funded, I wonder if I am missing something.

The way that I understand it, is that the tax payer pays our government. Our government then gives around £50 million a day to the EU. The unelected MEPs collect it all together with the subscriptions from other EU members.

Now for the good bit, The MEPs take out their salary, they then take out their expenses, and this can be up to £3000 a week without any questions.

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They then earn their money by giving some of it back to our companies. The millionaire bosses of the FTSE index have had a good slice.

Now all these lucky enough to get a bit are shouting: “It is great in the EU, vote to stay in.”

I think if we kept that subscription for our government  to help the NHS, schools and housing we would have something to rejoice about.

Hold your nerve and don’t be swayed by project fear.

GBW Millward