LETTER: Reject BNP'S message of hate

There were no surprises in Marlene Guest's hate-filled letter that was sent to a seemingly random, small number of constituents.

It had all the usual BNP diatribe about HIV-infected immigrants flooding our hospital and Marlene’s view that we should ‘ditch the human rights agenda’. It’s hardly surprising that a Holocaust-denier, who actually thinks some good things like advances in dentistry and cosmetic surgery resulted from Josef Mengele’s experiments on Jews in the Nazi death camps, would want to ditch human rights.

After all, why should we have the right to life or freedom from torture, freedom from slavery, right to a fair trial, freedom of thought or the right to education? It’s just PC gone mad, Marlene!

Thankfully, I have absolutely no doubt that the decent people of Rotherham will reject her twisted politics of hate.

Let’s hope she loses her deposit. Let’s also hope that the ‘Independent’ ASBO-owning EDL member Clint Bristow loses his too. Rotherham has enough problems without racists and fascists adding to them.

Robin Symonds, Fraser Road, Rotherham