LETTER: Quality of Labour councillors leaves lot to be desired

SOME of the residents at Windy Lodge at Aughton would like to thank the UKIP councillor for the Holderness ward Mick Elliot, who was made aware of the problem of paths that needed gritting in order for residents to access the centre and to be able to get to the Post Office for their pensions etc.

He came himself armed with shovels and buckets when the gritting service was not available and did the job himself. I doubt very much whether the other councillors would have put themselves out as much.

Thank you very much Cllr Elliot, it was very much appreciated and as an ex-Labour county councillor who has voted Labour all my life, I fear the quality of the ruling majority leaves a lot to be desired.

It seems that all that matters to them is the pensionable remuneration they may receive and not the problems their constituents are facing with the cuts, and how best to solve them.

As far as I am concerned, Mr Elliot is a man of the people.

P Copnell, Windy Ridge