LETTER: Police go soft on crime

MR Billups has some of it right but appears to have become a Standarten Fuhrer for the Momentum SS instead of the Labour supporter he presumably was.

They are too slow on Brexit and the main utilities of this country should have never been privatised.

Labour should not have sent us to war and nowadays want to go light on crime if it involves ethnics in their communities.

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Brown killed off all the decent pension schemes and stole the money to fund pensions in local Labour civil services.

The Lib Dims and Greenies added at least £100 a year to everyone’s bills for useless smart meters, which are not, and lied about climate change.

In London, Liverpool, Sheffield and Manchester, crime has gone up because the left-wing councils want the police to go soft on it since such a large percentage is by ethnic minorities.

Some are no longer a minority. This will be called racist but it is in fact, fact. But the drug dealers, murderers, muggers, etc all vote Labour.

Maybe one or two Mr Bigs vote Tory.

Martin Fletcher, Flanders Court, Thorpe Hesley