Letter: One day to determine our future

STRANGE and intriguing developments are occurring in the EU referendum debate.

Currently we also have a Chancellor of the Exchequer whose economic policies since the election in 2011 have constantly been questioned and criticised by, amongst others, former chancellor and, subsequently, Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, and other former Labour chancellors, Alistair Darling and Ed Balls. Also critical was the current head of the IMF, and former French finance minister, Christine Lagarde. All of these, including the latter, are now keen to be seen standing shoulder to shoulder with the chancellor in support of his forecast of “Apocalypse Now” should we choose Brexit. In view of their previous views of his economic competence, strange bed fellows indeed.

Strangely we also have political parties whose raison d’etre is eventual devolution and the early removal of control from Westminster of the affairs of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, who appear to be anxious, and more than keen, to tie us all, including their constituents, to a European superstate which, currently, consists of 28 disparate nations, with further entries intended, whose control centres are based overseas in Brussels and Salzburg.

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Also strange is that a USA President, whose founding fathers took up arms to secede from the British Dominions, considers that he has a right to advocate the continuation of our existing ties with the EU. Similarly we are also being urged by politicians in Eire (Southern Ireland), a state also formed by bullets, bombs and bloodshed, having previously been part of the UK, to surrender ourselves to the uncertainties that equally exist if we elect to stay as members of the EU, which is currently in turmoil as a result of financial incompetence and unceasing immigration , or follow the alternative way of independence. No one can predict with absolute certainty the future. Major decisions are always a leap in the dark.

What is certain is that we can expect further contradictory behaviour and predictions before June 23. On that one day, and that day only, we, as an independent nation, will have the right to determine out future.

K Dutton, Newman Road, Rotherham