LETTER: No surprise at dyslexic loan denial

I WAS not that surprised that a bank turned a woman down for a loan because she was dyslexic.

I was turned down because I will be six months over 75 before the loan finishes, with Admiral.

Even worse my wife cannot get a copy of her credit reference file from Equifax unless she sends them a copy of her driving licence, passport or ID card.

In the UK of course, we do not have ID cards. She has never driven being disabled and BiPolar. Her passport ran out and was not renewed because she does not want now to go abroad again.

After I complained and pointed out I do all the DDs, bills etc I was told they require one copy of a bill or something similar from the last three months plus, still, one of the above, or in other words, forget it.

I can only do doctors’ letters, marriage certificate, Sip or our joint account. I am not holding my breath.

Our MP has offered help in support but is not a legal person.

The FCA appear to be toothless, so I will have to try the CAB but it should not have come to this. I have asked for this because we have had trouble with scammers using our names with their address and useless companies who should have done more research chasing us.

Martin Fletcher, Thorpe Hesley

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