LETTER: MPs changing parties are living a lie

WHERE on Earth does Richard Billups get the idea that the BBC is biased and run by the Tory party?

It is reported in every form of media, TV, radio, newspaper of how totally biased the BBC news and presenters &and political programmes are “in favour” of the far left.

Its programmes are always top heavy with those that are at odds with Tory members that want to honour the result of the referendum over being ruled by the EU. The bias shown by its presenters is why so many voiced their opposition to the scrapping of the TV licences for the over 75s. Why can’t some Labour followers admit the truth for once? Stop these fake news stories. The BBC is without doubt the most un-democratic left leaning organisation in this country by a mile. So Mr Billups get a grip, stop all the lies, stop moaning and reading the stuff members of Momentum keep peddling. Telling totally untruths like the BBC is run by the Tories will leave you open to ridicule and people will think you are away with the fairies.

I wonder if Billups and others are aware of the fact that unelected ex-MPs are now the reason why we have a minority government. There are now 40 ex-MPs that have switched political parties without having a by-election, they have appointed themselves as members of other parties, without the consent of the constituents being consulted first. This action is un-democratic, un-ethical and makes a mockery of the whole voting system. This in my mind is fraud, due to them claiming in excess of £80,000 in salaries and perks by joining parties they were not elected to represent when first being elected to parliament.

The likes of Angela Smith declared herself a member of three different parties in three months. Who will trust her not to jump again if they were foolish enough to vote for her in the future? By allowing people to switch parties without the will of the people leaves the way for any Tom, Dick or Harry to turn up at Westminster and declare they want to be called an MP and claim the allowance, even though no-one voted for them.

Those that changed parties are in reality just ordinary people. They gave up the right to be heard and must do the only option left that gives them any creditability and that is to go back to their old constituencies and seek re-election in a by election.

By still calling themselves MPs, they are in fact living a lie. No-one can become a member of parliament, for whatever party, without being voted for in an election. This practice must be stopped and any monies paid should be returned until they  seek re-election via the ballot box.

Ray Darby, Derbyshire

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