Letter: More to fear in staying in the EU

IT is no use being part of a family that will not protect our steel industry. Steel is a strategic industry to any nation for further use and ultimate protection.

Of course David Cameron was always going to return and spin his meagre and pitiful achievements into his huge success. The EU gives our politicians a continuing excuse and something to hide behind. That is why so many of them are in favour of it. It constantly gets them off the hook and avoiding accountability. Getting out of the EU will also probably rid us of David Cameron, so a double positive.

The EU was never a good idea, it is like communism, it may be a good idea in theory but will never work in practice as the people in charge will carry on with their restrictive rules to suit themselves.

We all have enough evidence to prove the EU is not working. Some countries should never have been allowed to enter the EU. Some countries will always be a burden as their governments are either incompetent, or corrupt, or both. Many of their original inhabitants are uncivilised as well as uneducated

The EU lose approximately £32 billion every year that they cannot account for. This is either gross incompetence or corruption on a massive scale. There are also two European Parliament buildings, one in Brussels and one in Strasbourg, France. As the parliamentarians are constantly travelling between the two this causes huge inefficiencies. The latter was constructed to get the French on side and stop them having a tantrum.

There is so much inertia in the EU with so many disparate countries, all with different interests all wanting their input, that no timely decisions will ever be made. Our industry and commerce will therefore never progress under such a framework. Alone we should easily out manoeuvre the EU system.

As for the future, Germany, Belgium and France are pushing for a Federal Europe. This means the Germans will achieve something they could not achieve in two World Wars. It is no good David Cameron or anyone else thinking they can prevent this, as we will just get steam rollered as we always have in the past.

The only thing preventing some people voting out is fear of the unknown, but believe me it is much more fearful to stay in the EU and become a victim of their political bigotry and incompetence.

Martin Ward, Moorgate