Letter: Memories of nursery and the wireless

TODAY I listened to a discussion about nurseries on the radio and it brought back memories of the time of my time in the Cranworth Nursery around 1948/9

The nursery was between Cranworth Road Infants and Coleridge Road Juniors. I remember quite clearly the following incidents. When it was fine we would play outside, we had a sand pit but what stands out are the brightly painted trolleys (probably leaded paint) you could get two or three people on and I can clearly remember myself and young mates riding them down the path. There were also some swings in the back yard. At dinner time we would go for our dinner then go back to our classroom and go and get from the storeroom our little beds with a blanket and pillow and we were then told to go to sleep. I can’t remember sleeping much, I just pretended when teacher came walking round.

I still have a photo of my class and a few names I can see are Mick Williams (my mate until I left school in 1960), my cousin Mary Marshall and Sheila Ashforth, who I was also in junior and infants with. I also have a photo of six of the teachers .Happy memories.         

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On another note, I’m glad to see that Mr Richard Billups has rediscovered his love of the radio and like me remembers Dick Barton Special Agent. I assume he also remembers Paul Temple with the signature tune of the Coronation Scot.

I also grew up listening to the ‘wireless’ and some years ago rediscovered all the old classics on BBC Radio 4, The Goons, Jimmy Clitheroe, Hancock’s Half Hour and my own favourite Journey Into Space and too many others to list.

Richard might like to know Dick Barton was taken off air to make way for The Archers which didn’t go down very well with the late Terry Wogan (the radio companion Paul Donovan)

Good Listening.

Ray Hill, Greenfield Road, East Herringthorpe


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