LETTER: Let the state keep you — others do

I WRITE to reply to the letter received from "”puzzled Maltby resident” regarding the levy put on pensioners’ council tax.

A lot of these pensioners have worked hard all their lives and tried to put aside a little savings to enable us to try to live more comfortable in retirement.

Do all pensioners realise that not all pensioners pay this £100 each year on their council tax?

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People that have not worked spend their money on “drink and cigarettes"” and in general do not care a toss about their old age.

These people do not pay the levy, they pay no rent or Council Tax and only pay their water rates.

Why should pensioners have to pay this levy? I worked full-time until I was 63-years-old.

I am now having to subsidise the people that have not worked or tried to help themselves.

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Explain to me how couples can leave this country for a better life, sell their ex-council house, stay in the sun until they are pension age and spent all their money abroad.

The people return to their homelands, have not paid into NHS and have very reduced pensions and are allowed to go into care homes.

Paying literally nil, they do not pay the levy.

They are laughing at us silly pensioners who have tried to prepare for their retirement.

The £100 I pay would go well to my monthly bills.

Help the needy not the greedy.

My new motto is: “Do not save, let the state keep you.”

I am getting in touch with my local councillor as soon as possible.

All people behind us, get in touch with Advertiser for greater action against this very unfair levy.

Disgusted Pensioner, Rawmarsh