LETTER: Keep the faith

I AM responding to the letters sent to the Advertiser about the election and Brexit.

How we vote in Rotherham on December 12 is about whether we keep the faith with the Rotherham people who voted to leave the EU by an overwhelming majority.

The Labour party is not going to keep faith with the Rotherham people, indeed it has done everything it possibly can to go back on promises made earlier.

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If Labour win in this election it will be the end of Brexit. There is a real danger to our democracy if our MPs fail to respect the referendum result and fail to allow a true Brexit.

Like many other leave voters, I feel there has been a Labour conspiracy against Brexit. I’m fuming about the hypocritical Brexit-blocking MPs who are distributing election leaflets ignoring the Brexit issues and hiding their voting record in Parliament from us.

Labour’s stance is that we need a second referendum (even though we have not implemented the result of the first referendum). A second referendum in which it is reported they want EU citizens to have a vote. What chaos would a second referendum cause?

Labour says we must have a second referendum because they think we only voted to leave the EU with a deal that involved a customs union and single market relationship with the EU. How cynical and self-serving is this? We all knew in 2016 that leaving the EU meant free trade agreements with the rest of the world, that it would free us from EU rules, laws and that it would put an end to an immigration policy that allowed thousands and thousands of people to put pressure on our public services, our schools and our NHS.

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So Labour say our choice is now a second referendum in which we can either vote to remain in the EU or remain in the EU in all but name. This stance by Labour is a complete betrayal of the Rotherham people.

I think that all those, like me, who have voted Labour in the past, have to say they will not be able to vote Labour in this election. Otherwise, we would end up with a Labour government, backed up by the Scottish National Party (SNP), that would not give us Brexit. It would mean a return to mass immigration, it would mean an anti-American, anti-Israel government who would bankrupt our country and break up the United Kingdom; a government who would destroy the dream of our being a successful country outside the EU and instead would leave us within a federal, imperial, democracy-denying European Union.

We owe it to the Rotherham people to keep faith with them.

Karen Hobson, Rotherham