LETTER: Join us on the litter pick

FIVE good reasons why you should go out and pick some litter.

1) It’s enjoyable! Honest it really is. It is a great excuse to get out in the fresh air, get some exercise and do something useful.

2) You’ll make a big difference! Twenty minutes litter picking can really transform an area. Today’s litter is so in your face that removing it makes a big difference.

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3) You’ll feel good! Litter picking is surprisingly rewarding. It’s very satisfying to look back on an a clean, rubbish free area and know it is down to your efforts.

4) You’ll help prevent further littering. People are less likely to drop litter in areas which are litter free. By helping keeping somewhere clean, you'll be helping to discourage littering.

5) Your town and countryside needs you. We live on a small overcrowded island. We do not have so much open space and countryside that we can afford to trash it with litter. Today’s litter is very long lived, it doesn’t rot or degrade in a hurry. If we don’t pick this stuff up it will still be there for a long, long time. So go on, try picking up some litter, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Last Friday I travelled by bus from Rotherham General Hospital to Wickersley and I was pleasantly surprised to see that the footpaths, grass verges and the central reservation on East Bawtry Road were virtually litter free!

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Well done and many thanks to Streetpride and the 800+ registered “Love Where You Live” volunteers and local residents, including the family of four who regularly litter pick on Sunday mornings between Worrygoose and Brecks.

Join us, The Broom Area Litter Pickers, on a Community Litter Pick on Thursday December 13 10am till noon. Meeting at the shops on Broom Lane. Equipment and bags provided by Rotherham Streetpride.

Dave Burton, Broom Area Litter Pickers, Love Where You Live Volunteer

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