LETTER: How did they survive without allowances?

GREAT tidings of joy I bring to all those who voted for this current crop of Labour councillors.

For the last three years or so, how on earth have they managed to survive on the pitiful allowances they have been living on in these times of austerity? Have they had to visit a Foodbank?

Now that they are being given back their full allowances and some backdated to September, they will be able to feed and provide for their loved ones at this joyful time.

Well done to you all for voting for them and I hope you have time to think of the poor genuine, homeless and poorly-paid employees who serve us well on the frontline. Management of the council need to take a good long look at themselves at this time of year particularly, before giving out another round of employee redundancies.

More cuts are being prepared to local services, some of which may put lives at risk or cause injury. Caring services to be cut to the bone, there must be a neglect claim waiting in the wings due to cuts in the service and for which the council is responsible; more power to those that oppose these inhumane acts.

Lack of cleaning, dangerous wet leaves left on pavements, making it dangerous for pedestrians — surely this is a priority of the council but perhaps not.

Some local residents have taken to moving these themselves but they put themselves at risk in the event of a claim as is the case if snow is not removed and placed safely out of harms’ way.

Surely a few managers jobs should be lost which would save at least 40 frontline positions held by staff facing grumbles from those they serve face to face and not unseen seat warmers which cost us, the taxpayers, huge amounts each year.

Good luck to all frontline and support staff employed by the council and I hope those loyal Labourites who correspond in your paper have a well fed and prosperous Xmas and New Year and find time to do their bit for charities that truly care for the real genuine and needy of our town. Here’s hoping for a better  2018 for all those in strife.

Terry Canadine


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