LETTER: Honda not closing due to Brexit

VERY interesting to read John Healey’s letter in the Advertiser the other week and his reasons for not voting through on any issue regarding the Labour Party’s campaign manifesto in the last general election, i.e. to respect the EU referendum result.

I would like to point out that where he stated that Honda was closing its Swindon factory due to Brexit, this is in fact not true. Honda is closing its manufacturing base in Swindon not because of Brexit, as stated by Honda at the time, but because of the reduction in their sales in Europe, as well as the change over to manufacturing electric driven vehicles.

Coincidently, the EU had negotiated a free trade deal with Japan that came into effect just before the Swindon closure was announced. As part of the free trade deal between the EU and Japan, motor vehicles are included. This then allows Honda to close the Swindon factory and move the manufacture of its cars elsewhere, most probably Japan. A decision that probably would not have happened but for the EU free trade deal with Japan.

I would have thought that an MP would be sure of his facts before going to print. But I suppose that is to be expected during electioneering.

Peter Moxon, Wickersley