LETTER: Get your fairness right

FIRST of all I think that Mr Billups is generally fair re his letter in last week’s paper. But tell me Mr Billups, is it fair that people like you and me, and I pay tax, have to subsidise other people to keep their three bed homes while we pay for them? I do not know about you, but if I go to the council and ask for even a two bed I will be told to go forth and multiply because I and my wife do not need it, but the people I am helping to pay for do. Get your fairness right.

As for the old discredited poll tax. Why should we subsidise four working people to pay the same council tax as single or a pair of people living in the same property? I earn less than most of them.

All those people who moan in the Advertiser every week about the lying MPs and the useless and worse council members should remember one thing: you voted for them. The Brexiteers went back to tribal customs and voted for three Brexit haters and liars and one overly ambitious female who has turned coat. As for the local council. The only reason, as per front page on a shop closing, is it was an easy mark with not many people who will complain. Not the government. This rotten to the core lot who are using political reasons, not sound ones.

You voted them in so shut up and live with it. Or next time vote by common sense.

Your three MPs and the PCC, a body not needed, are dealing with the abuse fall out still by political chicanery and not getting anyone of their clique looked at or arrested.

Martin Fletcher, Thorpe Hesley