LETTER: Funny side of a fall

YOU have had lots of letters about people falling down and others helping.

It’s always good to read them and hear about the good folks of the town.

Last year, as the leaves were falling, coming back from the Foodbank after leaving four bags of food for the hungry people to enjoy, I went flying too.

Being a rather heavy lady I didn’t half go down, wondering where I was going, landing on my rear. I was just heading to the big corner cafe for tea and cake as it happened.

These two guys who were sitting at the window kept looking over, I bet thinking ‘no chance we are getting her up, we’ll do our backs in!’

People passing were so good to me, asking if I Was OK.

The owner of the little shop appeared asking how I was going to get up, and if they could help.

I told them not to bother helping me as it was nice to have a sit down for a few minutes.

I shouldn’t really write this but that day I’m glad I put my underwear on, having to get up the best way I could on all fours.

My leg was hurt but I saw the funny side, perhaps if I had broken something then I wouldn’t have!

It’s a good job I’ve started to diet and walk very slowly over leaks and wet floors.

Keep up the good work, I always enjoy reading the paper.

Hayley Clawson, East Herringthorpe