LETTER: Fracking all over the North

TORY Nigel Farage states that Theresa May is the worst prime minister ever.

Perhaps George Osborne should be her chancellor and we would have a pair of worsts.

In Lancashire the Tories have put fracking first and so the earth tremors have started again.

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The Tories have took all fracking planning out of council hands and they are alone now.

Grant to go ahead for disaster.

If any kind of work is causing the tremors it’s common sense to pack it in before something happens.

Any environmental disaster caused by fracking should be paid for by the people who allowed it.

On every fracking rig there should be a health warning, something like “fracking rigs are more dangerous than smoking”.

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It’s marvellous the north is ignored in every budget that is announced, yet when it comes to fracking the south is ignored.

The hardest task the Conservatives find doing isn’t Brexit, it’s giving the north a fraction of what it piles into the south.

Since 2010 we here in the north have totally been forgotten and there does not seem to be any change forthcoming.

It looks like the pollution from fracking will be the only thing this government have in mind for us.

It send tremors down the backbone, shivers down the thighbone, fracking all over.

Mr Richard Billups, East Avenue, Rawmarsh