Letter: EU keeps Hitler’s dreams alive

NOW that we finally have a referendum date for when we may vote to remain in or leave the EU Ponzi scheme, we can all fully expect lies, misinformation and propaganda to be paraded before us on a daily if not hourly basis.

So, maybe we should dissect some of the statements that have been released already;

1) Out of the EU, immigration will increase; how can that be? If we don’t have open borders we can stop illegals and decide just whom is and isn’t allowed in.

2) We will be open to terrorist attacks; we already are but with border police and checks we can stop some of the infiltrators. I hope that your readers are aware that the EU open borders policy has allowed thousands of IS terrorists into Europe already!

3) Jobs will be lost; the only jobs that will be lost are those of people working directly for the EU dictatorship!

The EU is responsible for Royal Mail being sold off and the introduction of competition to what was the best postal service in the world.

The two richest countries in Europe are NOT in the EU; coincidence?

The EU wants Turkey as a member to help fill the trough. Since when is Turkey part of the European continent? It’s old Asia Minor for heaven's sake. Where does it end; Australia? I doubt that, the Ozzies are far too smart!

In 1975 we had the referendum to join or to not join “The Common Market”; a free trade organisation and yet in 1947 Peter Thorneycroft, a Tory MP, stated “Creating a Federal Europe will not be without pain!”, Ted Heath knew all about the plans for a Federal Europe but never informed the British public.

I hope that your readers realise that one of the long term plans of the EU is to get rid of all political parties and individual governments so that the whole EU can be controlled from Brussels by unelected spivs, fraudsters and embezzlers. So this next vote will be one nearer the final vote for us all. So even the “yellow dog” voters must for once THINK before voting.

Between 1939 and 1945 over 30 million people gave their lives in the name of freedom. There aren’t many troops still alive that fought in World War II but if I were one I’d wonder why I bothered. The EU has achieved more in the invasion and subjugation of this once great nation than Hitler did in six years of war; he must be laughing in his grave. In fact the EU makes old Adolf look a real pussycat!

Yes, The EU; keeping Hitler’s dreams alive.