Letter: Eastwood makes Brexit a no-brainer

ON June 9 Look North interviewed David Cameron about the area of Eastwood and the immigration saturation by the Slovakian Roma people.

Five thousand people are reported to live in Eastwood and 4,000 are Slovakians, who apparently have no respect for other residents or the area; many of them do not work so must live off the state.

My heartfelt feelings are for Brenda Holmes who was featured in the programme, and residents like her, who have tried to work with the Slovakians but to no avail as the majority will not engage and, as a result of the sheer saturation by these uncaring immigrants, Brenda has seen her house price plummet, so can’t afford to move elsewhere.

Look North reported the Prime Minister as looking genuinely surprised at the pictures he was shown of Eastwood, but when he was asked “you wouldn’t want to live there, would you”, he dodged a straight yes/no answer by saying “we need to help”.  Indeed help is needed, but how?

Perhaps he should have been asked if he had any problems like this in his area of the Cotswolds, or what about a house swap for a week with Brenda, just so that he could experience the “real world”.

The EU says these immigrants have a right to be here, 27 EU countries have the right to come here.

The situation in Eastwood will spread like a cancer to other areas and we could all be facing similar problems like Brenda.

This is one of the reasons why, on June 23, I was right behind Brenda 100 per cent and voting Brexit. It’s a no brainer.

S Lee, Rotherham