Letter: Don’t believe the inners

I HOPE the people that voted for more of the same (Labour) in charge of Rotherham, put a lot more thought in when voting in the E U referendum.

Angela Merkel told David Cameron exactly what he could and could not have in his pathetic negotiations regarding changes to our membership. We all now know she pulled the strings. If the vote is to stay in, then  Cameron’s scare tactics have done the job. But to say we would have world war three just because we left the common market is downright idiotic. What we will have is more red tape, more silly human rights blunders, more and more immigrants seeing a better life, that will then send our schools, housing , jobs and eventually overwhelm the NHS , and could eventually lead to civil unrest.

If people are sensible and brave, and do not believe one word the inners are spouting, and vote to leave, then in a very short time we can once again be the envy of the world .We can make our own laws, get rid of the human rights act, make our own trade agreements with the rest of the world and not be tied to the silly rules and regulations imposed on our businesses by unelected, “cannot  get rid of”,  masters in Brussels. This country should be governed by the people we elect as MPs ,and if they are not up to the job — we get rid. Simple. Why we bother electing MPs ,when  most of what is good for this country is decided by 27 other member states, and more often than not is not what we asked for, but it suits the others is a waste of tax payers’ money. We must go back to ruling ourselves, decide our own destiny. It  may take a little hardship until we get to being our own masters, but it will be worth it  I’m sure. We won’t stop immigrants wanting to come here, but we can decide who we want to accept.  Then w

e can start and clean up the vast numbers of hate preachers that the EU made us take in, and send them back to where they came from and  prosecute those vile extremists that were allowed back into this country after committing untold atrocities in Syria.

Ray Darby, Sheffield