LETTER: Does voter apathy threaten democracy?

THE reign of King John was a turning point in the history of England’s government. The barons — successfully — had said ‘no’ to the king, and made him do as they wanted. No king of England ever had unrestricted, or ‘absolute’, power again and within a century England saw the beginnings of Parliament.

On Politics Today I seriously ask the question: are they happy with the status quo scared to campaign wider increase of a power shift? Does voter apathy threaten British democracy?

Mark Robert Baron, Swinton

Fire mix-up was predicted

A FEW years ago I wrote about two public services sharing the same operational phone service, the ambulance and the fire brigade.

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A mix up could happen where the ambulance went to a fire and a fire engine went to a patient.

Well, last week the North Yorkshire fire brigade who share their ops room with Cornwall went to a fire and ended up at the wrong village.

They had to phone up to find out where the fire was — it was two-and-a-half miles away.

It was like they were acting out my letter, but what puzzles me is why North Yorkshire and Cornwall?

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Who in North Yorkshire knows all the villages in Cornwall and who in Cornwall knows the villages in North Yorkshire?

When pairing areas up for sharing to save money, try and place them a bit closer together as lives are at risk.

The cuts in finance since 2012 are now showing that money is more important than lives to this government.

What with the NHS, education, old aged care, disabled and anything else they can cut they are proving daily that they are definitely the most uncaring government in modern times.

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The Conservatives have always been all for themselves but this lot have surpassed Thatcher, Major and Cameron. Theresa May does not care for anyone other than the two per cent of high earners, they won’t be sharing emergency phones.

Richard Billups, Rawmarsh