LETTER: Creating unacceptable stereotypes

I WAS dismayed to see Sarah Champion MP refer to the ‘floppy left’ as being ignorant of child sexual exploitation as that puts this massive problem in to a very small area of society.
Sarah Champion Labour MPSarah Champion Labour MP
Sarah Champion Labour MP

It’s much wider than that and she knows it. We could talk about that but then things really get interesting.

I’m as left wing as they come and not in any political party. I know that because I talk about this issue with common sense and use facts with a mind that’s clear of any alternative agenda and it enables me to see this is for what it is and that’s sexual offending against children. I know of no other left wing person who shies away from calling out this type of vile behaviour.

Would anyone judge former Cllr Roger Stone, or former Cllr Akhtar as ‘floppy left’, as I certainly do not?

I know many people who fit in to the ‘British, Muslim, Pakistani’ bracket that Ms Champion has invented and let me tell you that they, like I, abhor the vicious crimes that have taken place. They, like I, had and have no control over elected or employed officials at Rotherham Council or South Yorkshire Police. If people want to throw mud cause they feel angry do they not feel it proper to do so at the people responsible?  This would be more effective then making grand statements that people find offensive in the national media about an entire section of society.

Following Ms Champion’s line of thinking, we are going back to the bad old days of putting a label on people because of their accent, where they are from, or their background etc...it’s simply not acceptable to smear people in this manner. Are we really happy to create another unacceptable stereotype?

Ms Champion can write her own “No Muslims, No Pakistanis, No Asians” sign as she has created a return to the bad, wicked days of “No blacks, No Irish, No dogs”.

Ms Champion now needs to consider if she feels she’s able to represent Rotherham and the people which live within the constituency.

Paddy J Cawkwell, Eagle Court, West Street