Letter: Corbyn has caused panic in upper echelons

THE establishment has come to the aid of the 172 rebel MPs in their battle for control of the Labour Party.

Last week saw the most cynically, overt, move yet, in the defence of New Labour and the Blairite careerists against Jeremy Corbyn and the membership, for the control of Labour. After an initial High Court ruling that re-enfranchised the voting rights of 140,000 new members and affiliates of the Labour Party — largely seen as Corbyn supporters — their voting rights were again trashed by another High Court judge, who it turns out, is an “intimate friend” of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. It also turns out that he was employed by New Labour in the past to get legal decisions passed favourably to yours truly: notably, no enquiry into the war on Iraq.

Try and remember folks, that this is not North Korea, or a Banana republic we are talking about; it is Britain 2016, and the election of the leader of the opposition, who we hope, will form a challenge to the government and their policies: largely known as democracy.

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Why is there such a clamour? Why is there such a panic in the upper echelons of our society to preserve the power, the privilege, and the position, of these 172 MPs? After, all I keep reading that Labour has no chance of winning the next election whilst Corbyn is leader; so what’s the problem, why are they worried? I can offer a few reasonable thoughts.

Firstly, the next election will take place after another four years of austerity. We can, if we tie the strings together, see the beginnings of the end of: the NHS, free education, care for the elderly, the sick and infirm, and the end of the welfare state per se. In Rotherham, as has been highlighted in this very paper, cuts are beginning to take their toll in the above services. Redundancies and unemployment will become the norm.

Our steelworks will most likely be gone. The unions and local MPs offer nothing in the way of a fight to retain them. Corbyn wants to safeguard them through nationalisation, but this is not supported by Healey or the “unions”. Coupled with that, the Tories want a free trade deal with China, which will see our under invested steel industry competing with the trading giant.  

So, to sum it all up, in four years time, are the working class going to vote True Labour, or Tory.

The choice, as they say, will be yours.