LETTER: Chickens and traitors

I HAVE read now in different newspapers that the Momentum party hates the working class and working class MPs.

If there were more Momentum supporters who would pay the taxes that keep these people in a job as MPs, fair enough, but it’s only the working class taxpayer that does that.

As for the chicken so-called Labour MPs and councillors. Instead of resigning before possibly being de-selected, why not fight it either as independent or independent Labour? There are more ordinary Labour MPs than in Corbyn’s Momentum party itself.

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Personally, the chicken Tory Mrs May should call an election. Up here the remoaners of all parties will get short shrift and be out the door as will some of the councillors.

And Momentum Brownshirt threats should not stop them. Sometimes Corbyn’s mob smells of shades of Kristallnacht and Hitler’s henchman. Funny coming from a left wing traitor to his own country and I do not mean the alleged Stasi connections.

The Labour cabinet nowadays has no integrity or honesty at all. And in the Cons, Soubry, Heseltine, Clarke and a few more need putting away.

Martin Fletcher, Thorpe Hesley

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