Letter: Chequered past on freedom

DESPITE our forefathers having fought, with many sacrificing their lives, to keep the German jackboot out of Britain, now, because of EU free movement laws, we were unable to prevent far right German storm troopers taking part in the anti-Islam march throu

At present there is a resurgence of extreme far right political groups in many member states of the EU including the principal players, Germany and France, as well as in the more dependent states, such as Greece, Italy and Spain. These groups, with their anti- Islamic agenda, are beginning to coalesce and draw closer together around this issue. Free movement provisions across national borders within the EU can only aid their further cooperation and will, if unchecked or curtailed, lead to mass demonstrations across the EU by these extreme nationalistic groups.

Those Muslims, and also others, who have benefited by immigrating in the past and have settled in this country, a country whose right wing inclinations are generally more benign, may care to ponder, before voting in the forthcoming referendum whether it is in their interest, in the long term, to vote to stay. To stay as members of a group with many parties who have a chequered past on individual freedoms.

K Dutton, Newman Road, Rotherham