LETTER: Bridge plan is waste of money

SO once again the lunatics that are the so-called Rotherham Council have come up again with another air-brained, money-wasting scheme, with the building of the pedestrian bridge beside the railway station.

It is something that is not needed; just think where the £500,000 could be better spent.

1) Repairing the roof of the indoor market that has been leaking for over five years.

2) Getting rid of the weeds by the roadside and central reservations.

These would be more sensible ways of spending the money.

As for the new bridge being the gateway to Rotherham town centre, this is the biggest joke of all, as we don’t have a town centre.

Apart from Tesco, we have pound shops, charity shops, betting shops and phone shops.

The only two things Rotherham has going for it are the Chapel on the Bridge and the Minster.

Rotherham is fast becoming a ghost town as we are losing shops every week.

Instead of wasting money on stupid unwanted schemes, they should think up ways of getting Rotherham back to the town it should be and earn the ridiculous money they are paid for doing sod all.

Mrs H Bergin, Masbrough