LETTER: Big boys don’t cry

WELL it wasn’t late December back in ‘63 but the Sheffield City Hall audience could be forgiven for thinking it was as the East Coast Boys went through a huge amount of the Four Seasons’ hits as part of their Big Boys Don’t Cry tour.

“OH What a Night!”

We were treated to the group’s numbers from the 60s and 70s and solo hits by Frankie Valli, which all had the audience on their feet dancing in the aisles. They were backed by a very capable four piece band, who gave a competent performance, very well mixed by a good sound engineer.

Having seen the Four Seasons on three occasions at the late lamented Club Fiesta, with backing bands of up to 35 musicians, I can attest that this was a polished performance, both musically with harmonies and individual voices, plus a bit of comedy thrown in as well. Jill from Barnsley will never forget her moment of fame on the stage as “Marlene”!

They bowed out to the ever popular, Bye, Bye Baby leaving the crowd shouting for more, before we went out to the snow falling!

Alan Goy


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