LETTER: Baldric to the brown bin rescue

THE £39 we paid RMBC for the brown bin was bought unseen, we thought it would be sturdy like the green bin but no, it'’s too flimsy for the job.

It’s about half the weight of the green bin as it’s been made on the cheap. I suspect that on the bottom it will say made in Taiwan or China.

The one we got is now split on two sides and we have only used it twice.

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It would be ok if we had only used it for feathers and not garden waste.

I phoned the council and was entertained by a voice spelling www dot over and over then after 20 minutes of this I got through to a person.

I told my tale of woe about the split bin and was told in two working days I’d have another flimsy brown bin at no cost to me so it’s buy one get one free.

It’s now Friday so the one to two working days is not working and next week looks more likely.

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Like Baldric I have a cunning plan, why don’t the council swap the flimsy brown bin with the sturdy green bin?

So only cardboard  and paper that’s flimsy goes into the flimsy bin and garden waste ie soil, grass cuttings, hedge cuttings etc. go into the sturdy green bin. Well done Baldric.

Mr R Billups, Rawmarsh

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