LETTER: Any other country we’d call it corrupt

THE Conservative government had to fork out £1 billion to hold on to power at the last general election,

Now they are going to cut the number of Members of Parliament through boundary changes from 650 to 600.

The odds are that the majority going will be Labour MPs.

As we have witnessed this area gets a bad deal from this government as it is, and with less MPs we might as well throw ourselves off the Humber Bridge.

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Knowing how Tory leaders act when tossed out of No 10 they appoint 50 or 60 new unelected Lords.

At this rate there will be a handful of elected members and over 15,000 Lords by 2030.

The Tory grandees will do anything to keep power — bribery, lies and plenty of them and promises in the thousands, and to top it all they are supposed to be honourable. You would think that with selling all the utilities so privateers can rob customers blind, plus corrupting education, transport, road and rail the public would say enough is enough. Cut wages and cuts to the forces, fire service, police, NHS while giving themselves thousands in pay rises.

If this was another country we’d call it corrupt.

Richard Billups, Rawmarsh