LETTER: Any memories of Saville Street?

IN the late 40s and 50s I was a regular visitor to 52 Saville Street in Dalton where my grandparents (Ogdens) lived and where my mother Alice was born (1927).

When I was a bit older I started playing with some of the other kids on the “backs”. One of them I remember was Ray Kelly. Sometimes we would climb over a tall wire fence into the big field where there were some huts where some Polish people lived at the far end, about where Lady Oak Road, East Herringthorpe, now is.

Just over the fence to the right was a high red brick building. It was wide and as long as four or five houses and empty.

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We would sometimes play in there but if the Polish blokes heard/saw us they would shout at us to “get back over there”.

So, following on from my two books, Just off School Street, about growing up in Eastwood, and Both Sides of the River, my connections to Rawmarsh and Parkgate, I have started on my third book relating to my connection to Dalton, especially the Saville Street area.

So, can anyone tell me about the Polish camp during the war and just after and what the big building was?

I have asked on Facebook but no luck. I did find out that the locals were asked to “take in” a soldier for a while. My cousin who lived on Saville Street said they had one for a short time but can’t remember about the camp but remembers horses grazing on the field.

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I was sent a photo of a Mrs Beckit with an Italian soldier, Sergio Borocelli, and a Scotsman called David who was from Morpeth, taken in the backyard of Saville Street.

Please get in touch if you have any information or pictures. Also if you have a picture of Reggie’s Bingo and the original “Bug Hut” cinema. Telephone 850035  

Ray Hill, Rotherham

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