LETTER: Amazing work by community organisations

AS one of the UK’s largest charitable funders we want to highlight the amazing work that is being carried out by many small community organisations and charities in the Rotherham area.

At a time when communities are struggling to support those in need, we felt it was important to launch a fund that would help bring local communities together. By funding capital projects, such as a minibus for a local youth group or a new kitchen for the community hall, we want to ensure that charities have the facilities they need to do more of their great work.

So in our 60th Year we have launched the Weston Anniversary Fund which will award up to £150,000 for each charity that successfully applies for help to improve their existing facilities, or provide new ones. We have £5 million for this one-off scheme so we can support as many charities as possible.

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You only have to look at what's happening to youth services across the country to see how vital good community support is. Without these services many vulnerable people will be at risk. We want to help small, local charities give people a safe place to go to get the help that they need, at the time that they need it.

Anyone interested in applying for this unique fund can find out more at https://anniversary.garfieldweston.org/ - the deadline for applications is 30th June 2018.

Philippa Charles, director Garfield Weston Foundation


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