Letter: Aldi store raises questions about planners

THE story about Aldi’s continuing ‘modifications’ to plans for the Bramley store (Advertiser July 15) raises serious questions for RMBC’s planners.

When permission was initially granted for the store one of the conditions was two hours free parking. Aldi agreed and entered into a binding contract, now they are trying to evade honouring the contract on a whim.

I refer RMBC to Brighton and Hove Council-v-Aldi in 2010 when Aldi was fined £600 and £1,215 in costs for a breach of planning after trying to impose similar conditions for car parking at their store.

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It should be borne in mind that Aldi contract their’ Car Parking Management’ to ‘Parking (Sp)Eye’ —which was recently sold to Capita for £57 million — and motorists are then issued with speculative invoices because Aldi reduce agreed free parking times arbitrarily.

RMBC planning department should get its act together or admit they have abdicated responsibilities for enforcing planning regulations and failed the residents of Bramley.

Colin Tawn, Ullswater Close, Anston