LETTER: A change in the humour climate!

I THOUGHT I should respond to the ramblings of Comrade Platts in last week’s Advertiser.

As ever, he shows that well worn trait of all Corbynistas of never letting the facts get in the way of a good rant.

He tells us that only two per cent of scientists agree that climate change is being used as a trillion dollar a year scam. These are the scientists with the guts to speak up. A few years ago, any scientist daring to not toe the line was instantly sacked; a bit like the whistleblowers at RMBC. He mentions “Toxic gases” so perhaps he could name a few (pause while he consults Google; names of toxic gases….”). If he mentions CO2, I give up! Write this down Sir Platts and consult Google again, “Climate change is cyclical!”

He really should read the letters page accurately before responding. My letter to Philip Hammond was ‘humour’, something he and his red flag waving comrades don’t understand! I joked that I’d written asking the chancellor to lay off the green taxes for a while so we could have a summer and lo and behold, we’ve just had some glorious sunshine! Please note Brother Platts, I didn’t actually write that letter.

As to his comments re one of the greatest PMs in history, without Churchill we’d never have won WWII; or would Comrade Platts have preferred that we hadn’t?

As to “name and address supplied”, Jezza Corbyn is on record describing the IRA as ‘brave’ and he was among those protesting outside the Old Bailey when the Brighton bombers were in court. He also describes Hamas as his friends; do keep up!

On just as serious a note, the headline two weeks ago amplifies my comments a couple of weeks ago that schools should be about education. What on earth has an IRA explosion to do with religion? The troubles in Northern Ireland were never about religion but about power and control of crime; ask the residents! The teacher responsible should be sacked and never allowed near education or children again.

However, I’ve worked out this climate change lark. When we have glorious sunshine, that’s global warming but when it buckets down with rain for days on end, that’s climate change. I just wonder how Philip Hammond and the Greens co-ordinate the taxes and campaigning; amazing eh?

Clive Phillips, address supplied

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