LETTER: A carol for Rotherham

THE Rotherham Story has been created to change perceptions about Rotherham as a place to invest, do business, work, live and enjoy.

Engineering Excellence

Living Green

Pushing Boundaries

Rotherham Pioneers are businesses and leaders who champion The Rotherham Story, advocating for Rotherham. They regularly meet to share developments, encourage local trading as well as sharing positive stories about Rotherham, business and people.

Jackie Freeborn is Place Manager and custodian of The Rotherham Story who wrote this little Christmas ditty for a recent Pioneer meeting…a little bit of fun, based on a well known Christmas story with a positive and hopeful message

Twitter: Pioneers4Roth

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Ebenezer Rotherham…well what can I say?

A miserable old bugger who had just lost his way

Once a proud man with steel in his bones

All that was left was just bah humbug and moans.

He only saw baron where once there was steel

Stuck in the past – refusing to heal

Whilst those all around him tried so hard to lift

Deep rooted bar humbug was just too heavy to shift.

And when Christmas arrived his mood just got worse

Sneering and whining, as he gripped onto his purse

“When I was kid ‘twas a much better place

Hot molten metal – I worked at t’coal face.”

Festives and goodies…  he refused to partake

Home-made Christmas pud, not even iced cake

No message of hope and warm Christmas cheer

Nothing but humbug for the coming new year

This spread to the people - no potential or hope

For growth and investment, just how would they cope.


Last Christmas Eve… a visitor came by…

Offered him a sherry and a Rotherham mince pie

Ebenezer growled “Get lost, Bar humbug, you’ve no place with me”

Stranger replied “Well I’m staying to tell you about The Rotherham Storee (Story).”

“You’re stuck in the past your eyes just can’t see

So get your warm coat …yer coming with me..

Allow me to introduce, Engineering Excellence is my name

I come here to show you that things aren’t the same

But that’s good and it great, not wicked or bad

You need to feel joy and get rid of the sad.

“From our industrial past comes progression and new

Rolls Royce, Mclaren to name but a few

It’s our people, our passion our pride and our skills

That’s replacing the mines and traditional mills.”

Then a tap on the shoulder …who next to share

“I’m Living Green…come breathe in fresh air

Look all around you – 70 per cent is green space

History and woodland – an amazing great place!

Wentworth and Clifton, lakes, parks and much more

Wildlife and forests and meadows galore.”

Next a bright light crashed through his locked door

“I’m Pushing Boundaries, let me show you some more

It’s all in the mind-set – you’ve got stuck in the dark

Stroll with me Ebenezer, let’s go for a walk.”

She showed him the beauty – the things he’d not seen

Engineering Excellence and Living so Green

Pushing Boundaries – be different, be courageous and proud

Ambitious for the future, to stand out from the crowd.

She told him of people of hope and the light

She asked him to help her, join in the plight

Of Pioneers, great business who champion and cheer

Investments and visitors...they’re all welcome here

“So join us Ebenezer to become great once again

Progressive and positive, we want fortune and fame.”

Morning arose, and Ebenezer did smile

To ambition and hope …It’d been missing a while

This Christmas morning he shared just great news

Smiling and championing instead of the blues.

“The Rotherham Story is here,” he shouted to all

“We’ve much to be proud of…just give us a call

So raise your glasses, Pioneers join me in a cheer

Very merry Christmas, and a hopeful and prosperous and successful new year “

Jackie Freeborn


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