LETTER: A battle for a better Britain

I REFER to the latest rant from Mr Darby. He seems to know a lot about Rotherham from his Derbyshire pad.

It is difficult to identify whether Mr Darby from near Chatsworth is a bitter old Blairite or a Tory apologist.

However, it sounds like he swallows the tripe from the Daily Heil and Torygraph.

He makes a relentless load of misinformed comments and ill-judged personal attacks without playing the ball. The latest being on Karl Marx.....there’s a great memorial library based in Clerkenwell Green near his Highgate resting place. Well worth a visit.

Why does Mr Darby never comment over Carillion and the legacy of PFI and out sourcing together with the eye-watering massive debts to saddle future generations, not to mention bogus self employment and blacklisting?

He refers to high employment...yet much of it is boosted by low pay, bogus self employment, agency working and zero hour contracts.

Why does he never mention what’s happening to our NHS, social care or public services?

Does he support the rip off utilities and privatised transport systems that are now owned by big city corporates and foreign owners that are bleeding the country dry? In the rest of Europe they are state run and successful.

Yes, like Dave Platts, I am a paid up Labour member and socialist from the traditional trade union/industrial wing. My politics are from the university of life not from a book unlike so many career politicians.  

I guess Mr Darby’s political colours are that of a chameleon with his many rants that are not based on substance or actual policy.

I have always supported public ownership. Its demise was part of the heavy price willingly paid by Blair for Murdoch’s toxic support in the 90s. That’s why they lost over five million voters as they found it hard to put a fag paper between them.

The bard of Derbyshire never mentions tuition fees. Nor to mention the parlous state of our manufacturing industry.

What about fuel poverty, dependence on food banks both for the waged and unwaged? The tax payer is having to subsidise rogue employers exploiting their workers and paying them poverty pay to top up with benefits or the unjust and odious universal credit.

I wonder why he is so silent over how the vulnerable are being treated with Rotherham’s learning disabilities centres facing closure? Why he has never spoken out over the risks of public safety in Rotherham by removing the second fire pump at night?

As for Darby standing up for the former head of MI6.....the same man blighted by the Chilcott Report over the illegal war and bloodshed of Iraq that the world is still paying the price of.

The shadow chancellor is spot on when he said: “Richard Dearlove should spend his retirement in quiet contemplation of the role he played with regard to the Iraq war.”

Yet their ilk look the other way at rogue countries like Israel and Saudi Arabia, content to accept their money that is stained in blood and barbarism.

It is only this real Labour who can deliver a vision of socialist change and a rejection of free market capitalism.

Harold Wilson said: “If Labour is not a moral crusade then we’re nothing.”

To the merchants of doom, in the words of Shakespeare’s Henry V, “if you have no stomach for this fight then depart the battlefield!” A battle that lies ahead for a better Britain and for our ideals built on fairness, dignity and decency

What we need now is brave men and women with the courage and commitment to fight for our cause, the cause and values of true Labour.

Corbyn’s Labour is now firmly on the side of the people.

However, I guess it’s fine for Mr Derby, detached from our town preaching from his armchair and living in the leafy suburbs of Derbyshire, enjoying his cream teas  with the Devonshires? Tally ho.

G Dempsey, Wath upon Dearne