Let the people vote on British democracy

Sir—Yet again we see the ability of the British people to make their own laws being further eroded by our legal relationship with the EU.

We see David Cameron, powerless to stop scarce money being used to fund large EU budget increases.

As well as the £45 million per day that bankrupt Britain pays to the EU (£16 billion a year) the EU is to increase its budget, ordering Britain to pay an extra £500 million per year at least. 

The British public, suffering massive cuts, reject this yet Parliament is impotent due to EU treaties that our politicians have willingly signed Britain up to.

Also, European Courts overriding British law and allowing prisoners to vote due to human rights. This ruling, rejected by the British public, is another nail in the coffin for British democracy.

How contemptuously the EU political class thwart the democratic will of the British people, with no democratic mechanism to change this and yet all our spineless Lib/Lab/Con politicians can offer are weasel words to mask their impotence and shame at what they have and will continue to give away.

As we rightly remember the brave sacrifices of our war dead, who died to preserve our democracy, we see the unelected Belgian President of the EU, Herman Van Rompuy, issue this chilling and extremist statement: "The time of the nation state is over"

What an obscenity, cruelly dismissing the legitimate democratic inheritance of both the people of Britain and of the continent. Where were our politicians to speak out against this extremist view?

Let this unelected and undemocratic coward put this proposition to the British people in a national referendum on the EU and let us decide the future of our British democracy.  

I have total confidence in the wisdom of their reply.

John Wilkinson, Branch Secretary, UKIP Rotherham.